Berjayapak Donates Hamilton-C1 Mechanical Ventilator To Penang General Hospital For ICU Covid Patients

When we found out that the Penang General Hospital was in dire need of mechanical ventilators for use in their ICU due to the rise in Covid patients, we decided that we would do our part by purchasing much-needed medical equipment to help them save lives. 

Yesterday, our CEO, Ooi Lay Pheng, presented a Hamilton-C1 mechanical ventilator to a representative of the Penang General Hospital. 

Penang General Hospital representative accepting the ventilator from our CEO, Ooi Lay Pheng yesterday on behalf of the Penang General Hospital.

The Swiss-made ventilator provides effective, safe, and lung-protective ventilation for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients. 

The compact ventilator is space-saving and light, making it highly transportable for emergency uses. Its INTELLiVENT-ASV software continuously monitors specific physiologic parameters and adjusts the settings as appropriate for individual patients. This also means fewer manual adjustments compared to conventional ventilation which reduces the workload for the nurses and doctors. 

Our gift of the Hamilton-C1 mechanical ventilator is an intelligent and compact machine that
helps us save the lives of Covid patients in the ICU.

Accordingly, the high-performance turbine enables the Hamilton-C1 mechanical ventilator to be completely independent from compressed air. Its integrated high-capacity battery allows patient ventilation during intra-hospital transport without the need for an external power source and its compact design also makes handling much easier. 

We’re proud to be able to play our part as a responsible corporate citizen of Penang and hope that our gift to the Penang General Hospital will help them save more lives.

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