Berjayapak Wins 2021 Sustainable Business Award For Sustainable Supply Chain Management

We are positively thrilled with another award that we won last week!

This time, we were recognised by Singapore-based Global Initiatives for our sustainable practices in Supply Chain Management. 

The Sustainable Business Awards Ceremony was conducted online by Global Initiatives, Singapore.

We won the Sustainable Business Awards (SBA) for our sustainable practices under the large enterprises’ category. (The SBA offers 3 categories: Large Enterprises, SMEs and Social Enterprises/NGOs). 

The award ceremony was held virtually on Thursday, 23 September, for the Malaysian winners of this award. The award was presented to Berjayapak in the presence of Dato Sri Mustapha Mohamad, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department for Economic Affairs. 

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank SBA for acknowledging our sustainability efforts. In our company, we work on key enablers focusing on a circular economy model that is aligned with our business objectives. One major enabler for us is the commitment from our top management,” says Berjayapak CEO, Ooi Lay Pheng. 

Berjayapak has a purchasing policy that promotes the 3Ps – People, Place and Planet and closely align corporate responsibilities to stakeholder objectives.

Lay Pheng emphasizes that it is, however, never a smooth journey when a company undertakes sustainability objectives. Transforming a company and its people involve training and education as well as ongoing awareness about sustainability practices that go beyond reusing, recycling and repurposing. 

Berjayapak CEO, Ooi Lay Pheng, giving her acceptance speech as an award winner under the Large Enterprises category.

“We focus on our engagement with all stakeholders to ensure circular economy principles are defined and embedded within the design, use and systems that have an impact on the environment and society,” says Lay Pheng. 

For Berjayapak, this award showcases an increased awareness of the importance of sustainable business best practices. 

Winning this award also reinforces our commitment towards sustainability across all segments of our business because what we do inevitably has a far-reaching impact on people as well as the environment. 

Since 2012, the SBA has been held in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers, industry associations and government agencies recognising corporate leadership in 12 categories, including sustainability strategy, community, energy and water management, supply chain and ethics among others. 

Currently, the SBAs cover five markets – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and The Philippines. Finalists are selected based on scores of completed questionnaires and supporting data.

The Malaysian National Advisory Panel that shortlisted and chose the Malaysian SBA award winners for 2020/2021.

Winners are selected by each country’s National Advisory Panels which comprise sustainability experts and leaders from different stakeholder groups such as the government, academia and NGOs. The panel provides qualitative perspectives on the shortlisted participants and the diversity of the panel ensures that all stakeholder values are taken into consideration in the assessment process.

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