Innovation & Excellence From Start To Finish

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality starts with our sourcing of timber and wood pallet materials
right through to our after-sales support. 

Raw Materials

Excellence begins with quality materials. 
Our quality promise starts from all incoming timber and wood materials for our wood pallets, boxes and crates. We obtain timber from sustainable, replenishable sources and responsible suppliers. We perform quality checks on all the materials arriving at our manufacturing premises. Additionally, we perform inspections during manufacturing as part of our In-Process Quality Check (IPQC).

Precision Engineering

Our use of industry-approved pallet engineering software, Pallet Design System with LoadSync, enhances the quality of our wood products because it incorporates manufacturing practices according to performance requirements while adhering to international standards of compliance. When wood pallets are built well, they protect your products throughout the supply chain. 

Manufacturing with Lean

Lean management principles play a major role in our manufacturing processes as our industry is labour- and resource-intensive. These are also the very principles that enable us to produce reliable products as we work on continuous improvement cycles. For our commitment to raising productivity and quality while reducing waste, we won the champion title in the Lean Creanova program organised by the Malaysian Timber Industry Board. 

Product Testing

We perform regular tests on our wood pallets for strength, durability and functionality. How does the wood pallet perform when it is forklifted? How long does the wood pallet last if it undergoes stresses in a warehouse or even when it is transported? How much and how long can a wood pallet withstand on its own and while stacked? By testing our wood pallets in-house, we ensure that you will always receive products that are superior in quality.

After-sales Support

Quality extends beyond wood pallet products to responsive after-sales support. Our customers have consistently praised us for going the extra mile, especially when if there’s an urgent and emergency delivery.

If there are problems, our team is on hand to resolve them and work to ensure the problem doesn’t recur. Our Just-In-Time delivery and quick turnaround time help save on customers’ warehousing costs. Strong support coupled with excellent product availability and the ability to anticipate future orders are qualities that are incredibly valued by our customers. 

Berjayapak is embracing a brand new vision and purpose to become a respected partner and palletizing supplier for Southeast Asia and beyond.