The Future of All Responsible Businesses


We’re taking an active role in making the world better every day.
We manufacture our products responsibly to support your business goals
and work on reducing waste and carbon emission while protecting natural resources.

Sustainability For The Planet 

We initiated our Pallet Recycling Program to ensure pallets are reused and recycled and help you dispose of your pallets responsibly.

Every year, we reduce approximately 6,700 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emission (equivalent to removing 23,000 cars from the roads) with our Pallet Recycling Program.

Our program involves collecting, repairing and re-manufacturing worn and broken pallets, turning them into usable pallets again. The repair may consist of replacing one component or complete dismantling of the pallet to salvage still usable components. Our team collects pallets of all sizes, quantity and types.

Cost-savings aside, our Pallet Recycling Program helps you with pallet disposal and ensures your premises are free from fire hazards and safety issues. 

While we aim to bring new life to old and worn pallets, we never compromise on the durability and strength of our recycled pallets.

Other environment-friendly initiatives that we have embarked on:

  • Sourcing sustainable wood from certified timber sources 
  • Supporting forest regeneration through our affiliation in international organisations 
  • Using wood waste in our own boilers to generate electricity for our heat treatment process
  • Driving efficiency and reducing waste through Lean manufacturing principles (and improving our carbon footprint as a whole) 

Work with us to ensure responsible pallet buying and pallet recycling so that you too are part of the solution in reducing the environmental footprint while you improve your bottom line. 

Our Pallet Recycling Program prevents the release of approximately 6,700 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emission every year, equivalent to taking 23,000 cars off the roads.

Sustainability For Our People & Place 

Creating a better planet starts with creating a livable community for our people. As a responsible business, we take the lead to start with our people and the place we live and work in.

Sustainability in the workplace isn’t just a concept – it truly encourages better collaboration with our customers, healthier workspaces for our employees and a kinder community for everyone. 

Our initiatives don’t just stop with our employees and the people who work with us; it extends to the community around us.

We believe in giving back especially to the children of the local community. In the long run, we envision a more resilient and economically-enabled generation, improving the lives of all in the process.

We invest in our people and place in these ways: 

  • Offering opportunities for leadership development through participation in international conferences  
  • Sponsoring local schools to encourage and inspire students in their academic journeys 
  • Equipping a special education classroom to enable the local children to learn better 
  • Providing wood materials to schools and organisations in time of need (such as during times of flash floods) 
  • Fostering healthy practices via our in-house badminton club
  • Inculcating teamwork through teambuilding and sponsored company events
  • Encouraging our people to volunteer in the community organisations around us
  • Restructuring wages and remuneration to match market rates and improving work benefits for all employees
Berjayapak is taking an active role in making the world a better place to live in. We start with our people, our place and ultimately the planet we live on.