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Have a question about pallets? Here are some of the common questions that we get asked.
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Unlike other companies, we provide total packaging solutions end to end from pallet design and logistics and warehouse services. We are one of the rare few in this pallet industry that incorporates ISO standards and Lean Kanban system into our operations which means we have full and complete traceability throughout the system. We practice Lean management to keep our costs competitive and our quality high. Another reason our customers buy from us is that we are highly responsive to customers’ needs especially when it comes to urgent deliveries.

Our pallets are 100% export-ready so you never have to worry when you need to ship your products urgently. We are in Malaysia, serving the north and south areas of Malaysia extensively and Vietnam. In addition, we have built an extensive network of contacts to serve and help you as we are actively involved in the US-based National Wooden Pallet and Container Association, the largest organization of wood packaging professionals in the world, with more than 670 company members in 28 countries and we continue to participate in the Global Wood Packaging Forum

Yes, we offer standard sized pallets for urgent requests.  

Internally, we have a proactive QMS (Quality Management System) team who are always updated about pallet industry standards. Externally, our international network in the US and Europe supplies us with firsthand information about policies, laws and changes in the timber and pallet industries.

The main problem with wood pallets is that there is a risk in terms of wood problems such as fungus growth and wood borers or wood insect issues. All this will jeopardise your shipments. Where the material or wood comes from is also important. When it comes down to it, it is best to work with companies who ethically source their wood materials so that you know you are getting high-quality wood without any problems. 

We have been serving businesses and corporations that are involved in the electrical and electronic, EMS, energy, pharmaceutical, food and logistic industries. 

We manufacture 2,500 pallets per shift. 

You have many options for materials such as pine, walnut, Malaysian hardwood, engineered wood and steel. Have a chat with our team and we can advise on the best material for your needs. 

Our strict implementation of ISO standards and Lean Kanban Management system ensures the highest quality of products. We have established IPQC (In-Process Quality Control), FQA (Final Quality Audit) and OQA (Outgoing Quality Control) in all operational phases. We have in place ISO documentation and Work Instructions (WI) for each workstation.

Pallet design and materials used are the fundamental factors that affect a pallet’s optimum loading performance. Our PDS (Pallet Design System) demonstrates the unit load before we even build the pallets for you, ensuring we meet your needs for function and durability.

Wood pallets have the distinct advantage of being eco-friendly, sustainable and economical. They last longer as they can be repaired and when no longer usable, they can be easily recycled as organic material. They also provide better friction. However, they are also easily affected by moisture so if you wish to ship products without any risk, get your heat-treated pallets from quality pallet providers.

Export quality pallets are pallets with good moisture content control, heat-treated and with good loading performance. At Berjayapak, all wood materials undergo advanced heat treatment using RF technology before the assembling process. Completed wood pallets are later heat-treated for 8 to 12 hours at 56 degrees Celsius in our own heat treatment chambers to ensure all our finished wood products are free from moisture, pests and mould.

Please contact our sales team (+6 04 582 9980) if you are in Malaysia or (+84 274 3803 843) if you are in Vietnam. You may also call Ms. Tan Ee Lin (+6 017 472 7135).

Berjayapak is your reliable global supply chain partner for wood-based packaging solutions from pallet design to warehousing support.
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Berjayapak is your reliable global supply chain partner for wood-based packaging solutions from pallet design to warehousing support.